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Why Trade Shows Don't Work and What to Do Instead

It's not enough to have a great company or product. You need clients. And not just any clients, but the right clients. The ones who understand your unique value you offer the Multifamily Industry. Without a steady flow of clients, your business is in trouble. 

It's time the Multifamily Industry update their thinking on what works today in business development. We have a simple structure that allows you to attract the right clients at the right time.  Inbound leads align better with how buyers want to engage your brand and deliver better results.


There is a structure to a powerful and successful client conversion. We have a proven and tested program to convert clients. Stop trying to sell everyone and only convert the right ones. We take you through the exact steps our clients use to build and scale their company. 

Find out what it’s like having an entire team devoted to delivering you even more qualified leads for less than the cost of hiring a single entry level employee.

Marketing for multifamily management companies and vendors takes on a full stack of assignments, strategy, messaging, communication and targeting to reach your ideal audience.

  • We make it simple. Attracting the ideal client is a function of many activities. We help tell your story to generate ideal client leads. 
  • People are more educated and technology-enabled than ever before. They expect a quality of user experience when browsing and researching companies.



  • Multifamily companies, service-providers & management companies who don’t want to rely on luck and referrals to grow their business - and instead want a predictable & consistent lead generation system

  • Companies that want to grow and scale even without meeting face to face with potential clients

  • Business development representatives that want inbound leads without attending trade shows, fussing with webinar tech, and cold calling

  • Companies that have the capacity to take on more leads & customers

  • Companies willing to invest in their business & results

  • Companies that understand results don't come overnight, believe in the power of thought leadership, and know that good marketing makes sales easier

  • Companies that have the resources to spend $1,000+ per month on advertising spend (not including management)

The Online Presence You've Always Imagined

Why Compromise on your Success?

Driven by PROVEN Multifamily strategies and systems to win you more business.


And a system that helps you to make more of an impact in Multifamily by actually helping your clients.


We are more than an agency, we have distribution too! We build the automations and the distribution that will take you to a whole new level online!


The sales you’ve always imagined. The positioning that makes you stand out online. The marketing automation that converts prospects into clients like clockwork.


Why compromise for anything else?




A Platform for Sales Success

    Event Sponsorship, virtual exhibit booth at the Multifamily Leadership platform of events. Your company will be a top sponsor at 7 high level Multifamily events across a 12 month calendar. 

    Our professional editorial team will interview your company executives, product managers, directors, or rock star sales pros and publish 4 articles over a 12 month period on MultifamilyInnovation.com. Our social media team will amplify those articles on our social media channels.


    2 LIVE guest appearances in a 12 month period on the weekly live event "Innovator with Patrick & Carrie"


    Be a guest and showcase your product on the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast as part of the Innovation Showcase published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts, Google Podcasts, amplified via social media and email broadcast.


    Showcase your product either in our Scottsdale, studio or virtual. No set up, break down, printing, or overpriced booth space. For the price of an airline ticket, you could get your top sales pro in a Apple like launch event right from our studio. We have a 13 foot video wall, 40 foot trade show booth to showcase your product. Don't want to travel? No problem. We have you covered and can showcase your product remotely from anywhere in the world!



    1 automated webinar that helps apartment industry vendors sell more. Everything will be set up for you from all the pages, marketing automation sequences, emails, and lead tagging. This is a unique proven funnel that comes complete with our all in one marketing platformYou have the choice of running a live webinar, then we turn that into an on demand lead generation machine. You may also provide us a webinar recording you already have and we will place your existing webinar into our webinar funnel for inbound lead generation. 

    Our social media teams will share your company updates, press releases, news announcements, product launches across our social media channels. We place you on a regular schedule of promotions.


    Access to our principals for strategic strategy on digital marketing campaigns that drive new client leads, thought leadership, brand positioning. We've acquired over 2 million in apartment units all from these proven strategies and have worked with the top companies in Multifamily and small companies that don't attend association events. 


Because more clients equals more revenue and more revenue allows you to invest in your product and to scale and grow your business.


It's better than a win,win.

Everyone wins!

Leverage a proven lead generation strategy formula that generates inbound clients leads. 

Create, market and attract clients without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers or system integrators!

Position your brand on the Multifamily Leadership Events Platform and access the highest level executive events in Multifamily. 

Build a connection with your ideal clients. Capture and share stories of people like you. 

Position yourself as a top expert in Multifamily. Let us extract your knowledge on our platforms.


Let our team share stories of people making a difference in Multifamily. 


For our clients, we implement the proven strategy that helped us go from zero clients to hundreds of the TOP multifamily owners and operators without attending a single trade show or sponsoring an event.




Getting even more clients without attending a single multifamily event is now a REALITY. Prepare for major results. 


Sponsoring events is expensive. Exhibiting at trade shows is even more expensive. Not to mention time-consuming, resource-intensive, and what do you actually get out of it? Do you reach thousands of people at these one-off events? Do you then have multiple touchpoints with those people you reach without feeling pushy or salesy? Do you get to deliver value to them at the exact moment they are open and desiring to listen to what you have to say? 


Funny story, when we first started the Multifamily Leadership platform, we wanted nothing more than to attend and exhibit at ALL. THE. TRADE. SHOWS. 


That’s how you get clients, right? 


Well, not when you can’t afford the exhibitor fees, travel expenses, booth costs, and the almighty swag that inevitably ends up littering the trade show floor. Oh, also, we didn’t have any Captain America costumes lying around either. And we freaking love Captain America!


So, we had no choice but to get creative. And that’s what saved our business. And it can save yours.


With over 20 years of experience in the multifamily industry, our team has discovered the exact strategy to acquire more clients  without stepping foot in yet another conference ballroom. 


So, what’s standing between you and even more revenue? Clients. And why don’t you have more clients? Ahhhh, let me count the ways… Seriously. I’m going to count them.


First, it’s impossible to attend every multifamily event. There’s like a million. And now they’re all virtual so forget meeting face-to-face. But even before the world went bonkers there still wasn’t enough time or money to go to all these conferences. Not to mention the time away from your home, your family, your office, and your cat Willie. Willie misses you when you go. Oh wait, Willie’s a cat. He doesn’t give a crap that you’re gone.


Second, even when you make connections at an event, how many of those actually convert? You’re literally chasing down every prospect, but it just might not be the right time for them to hear your value. It’s not you, it’s them. We promise.


Third, look around you (metaphorically speaking). Most of these multifamily events are vendor-heavy and/or not even being attended by the actual decision-makers so then you’re left with having to sell someone your product who then has to turn around and sell it to their higher-up. Do you think they’re going to do as good of a job as you would selling your product up the chain?


Hell no. You’re the GOAT.


But even being the sparkly, glitter-pooping unicorn you are, there’s only one of you. There is simply no way, even if you’re surrounded by a team of blindingly awesome unicorns whose sole purpose on this earth is to sell your product, that you’re reaching a marketplace of over 17 million people on a frequent, consistent basis.


At least not in a way that is going to convert them into a client.


But, like, why?


Because people don’t want to know about your product! Whaaaaa?


Seriously. They don’t give a crap about your product. What they give a crap about is the RESULT they’ll get from using your product.


Listen, your prospective clients are hurting. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t need you. You know how badass your product is, we know how badass your product is, but it doesn’t matter to your marketplace unless it GETS RID OF THEIR PAIN.


See, you have to marry your solution with their pain. Agitate it. Get right up in there and poke the wound then swoop in (hey, like Captain America) and save the world!


I got carried away.


But seriously, we’re using the right messages and methods to 10x revenue without hiring more people or fussing with tech.


If you’re not doing these things, then you are burning cash. Disco Inferno kinda burn, baby.


Stop it right now. We cannot sit here and watch you throw your money away.


Think for a minute about the various channels you use to reach prospects. We’ve already discussed the traditional ways - trade shows. But there are also Facebook groups and various other forms of social media that most likely treat you like a second class citizen. Make sure you don’t spam the group or you’ll get kicked out! Heaven forbid you offer some advice because you’ll get banned from the group for promoting your product, even though you KNOW it can solve their pain!


That’s why we just went ahead and created our own channels that reach a sh*t ton more people than the usual suspects. Don’t worry, we won’t ban you either. Unless you start sending us endless Chuck Norris memes. Then we’ll make you CEO...because Chuck Norris can grill a popsicle.


All joking aside, if you get just one client through our proven methods, you will have made your money back with interest.


For less than the cost of one employee, you get our TEAM of expert copywriters, master marketers, and stunningly good looking production geeks (now there’s a conundrum) to get you more profits, faster.


This isn’t for everyone, though. If your product doesn’t actually help the marketplace or clientele you’re serving, it will only be amplified through the marketing. You’ve got to be willing to put your clients and customers first, and to do what it takes to help them succeed. If not, we’re not a fit.

Go ahead, click the button to talk with us

So listen, if you want to: 


Convert even more clients


Make even more money


Reach a bigger marketplace


Do less work


Then this is for you.


You can either make life better...or, ya know, watch Tiger King. 


The flaw in the way most people go about trying to get clients is that they hire a salesperson and they send them to trade shows in the hopes of getting new business. Some companies even hire agencies to work on the brand and develop thought leadership.


The problem is content is not enough and building a brand is not enough. Customers want to see the brand, they want to know the brand, and they want to trust the brand. The only way to do that is through the right messaging, personality, and having a seamless technology and marketing funnel to say the right things to the right people at the right time. That message needs to be distributed in the right way to position your offer as a solution to their pain.


We’ve built the Multifamily Client System to do all of that


You see, the problem is that your prospect will only be moved to purchase if they feel emotionally moved to buy. They’re not going to do this if they don’t know your personality or if they don’t feel an emotional connection with you or your product. You can give them all the tech specs, details, information, and demos in the world, but if they don’t make that connection with your brand, it’ll be a no-go every time.


This is our sliver bullet.


You will spend 3k per month on this strategy and it’s like hiring an entire team of master copywriters, marketers, and strategists...but better.


Because you get so much more than that.


Here’s what you get over the course of 1 year:


  • 4 Thought-Leadership Editorials published on our platform and amplified via social media
  • 3 Guest Spots on the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast published and amplified via social media
  • 2 Interviews on the weekly LIVE event "Innovator" which will obviously be live, but will then remain on multifamilystudios.com which is available also on Amazon Fire and Roku
  • 1 Product Demo: Your choice, drop into our studio where you can showcase your product on our 30 foot stage in front of a 13-foot video wall. If you ever wanted to feel like Steve Jobs in a product launch - you can get that with one plane ticket. Or, if you don’t want to travel, we can launch your products from anywhere in the world! 




  • Automatic Sponsorship of 7 Events produced by Multifamily Leadership (this is a $17,500 value) think subscription based sponsorship with a 12 month campaign. That's all included which gives you better ways to use your cash. 
  • 2 Multifamily Innovation Summits in May and June of each year. Attendees are forward-thinking brands looking for what’s next in the industry.
  • 2 Multifamily Investment Summits in January and July each year. This is the highest level Multifamily Investment Summit available.
  • Multifamily Operations Summit in March of every year. Attendees are looking to understand everything about operating multifamily properties - from owners and investors to on-site teams and everyone in between.
  • Multifamily Women’s Summit in September of each year. Attendees include women who are interested in growing their network, learning from others, and reaching higher levels of success in their careers.
  • Best Places to Work Multifamily® Awards Show in December each year. The nationally ranked Best Places to Work Multifamily® companies gather with all of their employees to celebrate their recognition and receive their awards



You’ll get national exposure as a supporting sponsor of our LIVE weekly event "Innovator" which happens every Friday morning throughout the year. It’s a seriously legit talk show with it’s own band and everything. Viewers watch live and get updated on what’s happening in Multifamily that week. Where else can you get frequency like that? Have a 60 second commercial? Let us run that commercial between segments. 


These events are strategically designed to bring together all those in multifamily around innovation, technology, leadership and investments.


We are only accepting a small number of clients so it is important to reach out to us now because spots are filling up quickly. Additionally, those who act now receive everything above at the lowest price it will ever be.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if people just showed up and bought your product? That’s what we’re doing


88% of people do not want to talk to a salesperson until they’re ready to buy. And it can take anywhere from 5 to 27 touchpoints with your brand before someone decides to take the plunge.


When those touchpoints are providing value to your prospect and positioning your brand as the expert in whatever it is you do, “selling” as we know it becomes obsolete.


Your prospect will show up and buy.


We know this works because it works for us. 


P.S. Find out what it’s like having an entire team devoted to delivering you even more qualified leads for less than the cost of hiring a single entry level employee.


Our creative team and design group work to leverage digital assets companies already have in place to design and deliver engaging client marketing initiatives.



Our experience understanding what it means to lead national Multifamily portfolios along with our research from our Best Places to Work Multifamily® program, the production of the highest level events in Multifamily, together provides us a unique perspective and approach to getting clients. 


Acquiring the right clients takes more than technology, it takes a team of people – and we have an experienced client marketing services team to help your company make your strategic client acquisition vision a reality.


Schedule a free call with us so we can show you how to make a strategic client acquisition strategy a reality.


We remove all the complexity. No need for designers, programmers or marketing consultants. A good cup of coffee is all you need. 



Create and market without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, designers or system integrators!


We engineer a multi-point 

strategy to convert visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into recurring clients!

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

We’re a smaller company with a limited budget. 3k per month is a stretch for us.

I don’t have time to eat lunch most days let alone onboard my entire team for another new thing. How much of a time commitment is this on my end?

How will I know what/how many leads are coming from your efforts? Where is the measurable data?

Can I and/or my team be live in your studio for the podcasts, live interviews, product showcase?

Sounds like a lot of work

We don't sponsor events, we just want connections

How much is this service?

How long does it take to get set up?

Give your marketing and sales team the support they need.


If you're not willing to put your clients and customers first, and to do what it takes to help them succeed, we're not a fit to work together. You see, our marketing works and if you have any issues with your product or company it will only amplify those issues. That's not good for anyone. 


That being said, if you are helping clients win every step of the way, then fill out the form below to book your free strategy session. 


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